* BH

A basic obedience and sociability title, usually given in Germany, and a prerequisite for Schutzhund titles. It is a traffic safety title. The trial includes on and off leash obedience and a temperament test.

* AD

Endurance test in order for a dog to earn this title they must run 20 kilometers in two hours without excessive fatigue. This title is earned in Germany or in German style shows.

* B

Traffic dog like BH in Europe, B is in USA.

* ZtP

An evaluation of a dogs temperament, character, and working ability. They are designed to select those Rottweilers that are worthy of being bred. The dog’s conformation must be judged of breeding quality and free of disqualifying faults. The dog must have a valid hip certification number and must have a tattoo for identification. When dog pass conformation and soundness qualifications have been met, the dog’s temperament is tested. This test includes a gun sureness test, a protection test, and a test to ensure that the dog is stable around the public. The results of this test are published in the “Kor” book and become a permanent record. The report will also be printed on the pedigree of the dog’s offspring. Awarded in Germany and by the ARV.


International working test similar to Schutzhund.
IPO I is Beginning, IPO II is intermediate, IPO III is advanced.

* SchH

Schutzhund is a working dog sport comprised of three disciplines: tracking, obedience, and protection. All three sections count equally, and all three must be passed in order to earn the degree.
The dog must score a passing mark in each of the three phases and gain a total of at least 220 points out of a possible 300.
SchH is tested in three progressively harder levels, earning the degree SchH I, SchH II, SchH III, with level three being the hardest. SchH I is Beginning Schutzhund (minimum age 14 months), SchH II is Intermediate Schutzhund (minimum age 16 months), SchH III is Advanced Schutzhund (minimum age is 18 months). After attaining the degree at any level the dog must then wait six months before being eligible for competition at the next higher level.

* Gekort

An advanced breed test also known as Korung. It is given in Germany and by the ARV. In addition to the requirements of the ZtP, they require a SchH III, IPO III, or VPG III for a male and a SchH I, IPO I, or VPG I for a female. The minimum age for males is 36 months and for females it is 30 months. In addition, they require three show critiques with a SG rating or better, HD/ED certificates and AD title. After this title is achieved, the dog must wait two years before it can attempt a lifetime breeding test. This title deems a dog suitable for breeding by the ADRK for a period of two years at which time they are subject to re-evaluation.

* Gekort bis EzA

Lifetime breed suitability test. A dog with this title is rated by the ADRK as suitable for breeding for the duration of Breeding Utilization Age. For males nine years and for females eight years.


Breed Suitability Test given by the USRC.


Advanced Breed Suitability Test given by the USRC.


Lifetime breed suitability testgiven by the USRC.

* DM

Working dog championship held annually by the ADRK

* LS

Title that is awarded to the winner of the Deutsche Meisterschaft

* SH

Tracking dog

* PH

Police dog

* DH

Service dog

* RH

Dog that is trained for rescue.


Dog that is trained to guide blind persons


Obedience Trial Champion-AKC

* OB Ch

Obedience Champion

* TD

Tracking Dog that is awarded by AKC.


Tracking Dog Excellent is an advanced degree of tracking offered by the AKC.

* TT

Temperament Test that is awarded by ATTS


Herding dog


Herding Instinct Tested offered by the AKC.