HD-Frei, HD-A, HD/A, HD-0, HD/0, OFA “E” – Excellent hips – Breedable

HD+/-, HD-B, HD/B, HD-TC, HD/1, HD-1, OFA “G” – Good hips – Breedable

HD+, HD-C, HD/C, HD/2, HD-2, OFA “F” – Fair hips – Breedable

HD++, HD-D, HD/D, HD/3, HD-3 – Mild dysplasia – Unbreedable

HD+++, HD-E, HD/E, HD/4, HD-4 -Severe dysplasia – Unbreedable


ED-Frei, ED-0, ED/0, OFA Normal – No dysplasia

ED+/-, ED-1, ED/1 – Almost no dysplasia

ED+, ED-2, ED/2 – Light dysplasia

ED++, ED-3, ED/3 – Middle dysplasia

ED+++, ED-4, ED/4 – Severe dysplasia

* Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia results from the abnormal development of the hip joint in the young dog.


The method used by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) has been the standard for many years.
The ratings for the hips are “excellent”, “good”, “fair” or not passing.