The Miloshevics, a four-member family from Arandjelovac – Vladimir (born in 1978), an electrical technician, Milena (born in 1980) an economics technician, Petar (born in 2003) and Dimitrije (born in 2006), came to an idea of registering a rottweiler kennel. The idea of opening a rottweiler kennel appeared in 2007. In March 2007 we bought our first rottweiler whelp, a female CORA LEON OF NEOPLANTA, which is how we began.

After a series of dog shows we participated in, with the unselfish help of famous experts in the field of rottweiler breeding – Andrija Djurić-Andra; longtime breeders Sinisa Savic – Siki (international dog show judge, VON SIKI ROTTWEILER), Predrag Vujinovic (FUTOG LINE), Aleksandar Tosic (IRON LION ROTTWEILER), as well as many other enthusiast breeders that helped us in both theory and practice – preparing for the show, proper and healthy diet and breeding, we decided to found the kennel.

In October 2007, the number of dogs increases, i.e. Cora gets company – ZORRO von siki rottweiler, BETTY futog line, ENA futog line, AMBRA futog line. CORA leon of neoplanta and BETTY futog line made up a tandem of females in submitting the request for kennel registration on December 28, 2007. In January 2008, the Miloshevics’ kennel named AR PEDIM LINE is officially recognized, i.e. registered by FCI and KSS (February, 2008) under FCI number 4670.

Our kennel had a great honour of attending the founding session of “KRONOS” rottweiler club in Novi Sad on 22 February, 2008, to which Vlada was invited by the proposal of kennel of “MEISTERSCHAFT “ Predrag Vojinovic (Futog Line).

Older members of Milosevic family, Radomir (1939), Ljubica (1947) and Jasmina (1977) also made a contribution, by giving us the moral support.